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Back in 2012 I decided to start writing. Why? Because I have always loved reading and writing a book was a life goal. 

How did I fare? Poorly... Hahaha Writing has a steep learning curve if you did not study literature or creative writing, but every time you tumble and fall is amazing. 

I was not able to write constantly because I was getting my engineering degree, but those first steps back in 2012, and the thousands of steps I took up until 2018 when I finished my novel were exciting. 

I invite anyone and everyone to take your first step on any dream you have today!

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Editing is tough and expensive, but completely necessary and worth it!

From February 2018 and up to December 2018 I worked with the amazing friends from The Pro Book Editor. They were allies in this journey, advising me on grammar, proofreading, cohesion, coherence, structure, style and so much more. 

Without them, Tale of Two Brothers would have sucked. And thanks to them I feel I have improved immensely as an author, capable of creating scenes, characters, plots, action and depth in my stories. 

Edit my friends and thank your editor!

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The design phase is so exciting! I worked with a dear friend of mine, Daniel Gómez from Gomaloca, to create my book's front and back covers. 

He had complete creative liberty and he amazed me with nine possible covers. We worked on them choosing details which I liked or disliked to create the final artwork. 

I don't know about you, but I'm in love with Tale of Two Brothers' cover design. 

My advice is to enjoy this phase. Let your creativity fly while laughing and learning. Also, if you are not a strong designer (me), look for help from someone who excels on visual creativity. 


I decided to publish via Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing because this is not my main job, so I prioritized how quickly it would be published over the need to have a large publishing house in charge of marketing and distribution. 

Was it the right choice? I don't know, but my book was uploaded on December 5th, 2018 and published December 6th 2018, both as a paperback and eBook. 

My advice would be to research both self-publishing and traditional publishing, to see which is the better fit for your needs. 

Hope to see your work being published soon!

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