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Escape from reality

Humanity's legacy

Dreaming awake

Yes, nowadays most people live stressed-out, with tons of due dates and a never-ending shortage of time. 

However, it is usually consequential to our inability to organize our workloads and day to day responsibilities. 

So, first try to organize your days. Once you free up some time, write to escape from those stressful environments  and enjoy!

Ok, I buy it, but why should I spend my hard-earned free time writing?

Well, when it's our time to leave this life, we hope to leave something behind. Something people will remember us for. 

A book is your legacy, your creation, your baby which will grow up and mature as time goes by. 

Last, I promise that as soon as your creative juices start flowing, you'll feel it.

Pure excitement. 

Writing may start as a hobby, but it will end up as a passion. Create your own worlds, characters, plots, twists, scenes, author's voice, and so much more. 

I promise it is like dreaming awake whenever and wherever you want!

Mujer tensionada
Ayuda con las tareas
ordenador portátil

Structured Writing Format

This is my gift to you! Click on the Excel image and download the format I use to design and structure my stories!   



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Why did I write a book?

My first motivation to write is that I've always loved to read.


Second, my family. My parents taught me that in life you've got to do three things: 1) plant a tree, 2) have a child and 3) write a book. 

It's not meant to be taken literally, but I love the idea of setting goals for a fulfilling life. 

Two down, one to go!

Who am I?

I'm a 31 year-old (1992 model) author and engineer from Costa Rica (a beautiful country I invite everyone to visit).

Writing is my passion, not my job, and that is why you'll notice my novels and stories diverge from the usual standards. 

Join me in my quest to create and explore new worlds with different writing techniques and thrilling tales!



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