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Conveying a Message by Writing

As you may have read in my Home Page, I believe that writing allows us to escape from reality, have a legacy and dream while being awake. It has also given me some wonderful experiences which I would've never had if I did not decide to write and become an author. Interacting with readers, giving speeches to children about reading and writing, participating in National Book Fairs, and meeting wonderful authors, readers and bookfluencers, are just some of my cherished memories.

However, writing must have substance. I am a firm believer that our creations must convey a message, or have a raison d'être. When we write with a clear theme or concept, we are predefining what we want to communicate to our readers. For example, in my book Tale of Two Brothers I started by establishing that it would be a creation to convey the importance of family, of brotherly love and of hope as an integral part of our humanity. The story came to me after that.

Of course, once you have this clarity, the tough part comes, which is actually conveying this message to your readers. There are TONS of articles, videos, tools and books about writing which cover scene creation, character creation, story structuring, plot design, amongst others. Take advantage of it (I invite you to download my free Structured Writing Format at my Home Page as a gift)!

I promise that once you write with substance, with a clear communicatory goal, you'll find that writing is a passion, not a hobby.

Crea nuevas entradas, edita las ya existentes, guarda borradores o publícalos -puedes hacerlo todo incluso aunque estés lejos de tu computadora. Tu trabajo se verá increíble tanto en tu computadora de escritorio como en dispositivo móvil.

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