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Tale of Two Brothers, Two Years In

Tale of Two Brothers (TOTB) is my firstborn and one of the toughest self-imposed challenges I have ever faced (and probably will ever face). This child took me 5+ years to write and almost one year to edit with The Pro Book Editor, but 2+ years after its publication on December 6th, 2018, I am completely certain that it has changed my life forever.

To this day I've sold close to 500 copies of a book written in my second language, self-published via Amazon KDP and with almost half of its book-life during a worldwide pandemic. To be honest, I'm proud of Tale of Two Brothers' accomplishments. The day I published I thought I'd sell at most 100 copies in my lifetime, but destiny's beauty is how unpredictable it is.

Due to this excitement, I decided to share with you some of my insights two years into this adventure:

Writing is a life-changing decision everyone should try at least once

You cannot imagine how many friendships I've found, how many events and experiences I've had, and how many jaw-dropping, tear-causing moments I've felt since I published TOTB. Publishing a book is a success by itself, but the hundreds of unique moments it brings to our lives after publishing are the real success behind this endeavor. Trust me, you'll love it all the way!

Publishing a book is an enterprise, not an art

Well, this may be controversial to say, but publishing a book (especially self-publishing) is beyond an artform. Writing is an art, and it requires months or years of practice to learn, and decades to perfect; but publishing a book and being able to adequately place it into libraries and into readers' hands is a business.

If you are going to publish a book, you better start reading about marketing, finance, commerce, inventory control and replenishment, and logistics. Our responsibility does not end the day we publish our book, it starts that day, since we are now accountable to ensure readers get their hands on our creation!

Every book you write and publish is a huge leap forward

I took almost six years to write and publish Tale of Two Brothers, but then took less than two years with Testigo de mi muerte (my second book, and first in Spanish). Additionally, Testigo de mi muerte has sold more than 200 copies in eight months! These accomplishments are a consequence of lessons learned throughout TOTB's writing and publishing.

Therefore, do not lose hope if your first book does not reach the sales goals you established. Do not lose confidence if your social media lack the followers and interactions you wished for. Do not surrender if your first book is not profitable quickly.

Trust me, with each book you write and publish, you will improve, the experience will become easier and more profitable, and you will enjoy every step of the way even more!

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